Sweet Hell Alabama

I am an advocate for the living who are here right now, and who deserve to live a life of wellness, choosing what’s best for their physical, mental, and emotional health. Let us not pretend that these 25 mother fuckers gave a shit about the bodies of women, and really just get a rise out of policing women’s bodies. It is deplorable to think that an 11-year-old baby has to carry the baby of a 26-year-old. If that doesn’t break your heart, and make you sick to your stomach then you are a fucked up human being. Period.

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A Love Letter To My Younger Self

Women will forever and always be the most important group of advisors you will ever have. Listen to the advice that older women give you. Pay attention and take note of their stories, their experiences and anything they want to share. Their wisdom is invaluable and will save you a lot of heart and headaches. Forgive and apologize to your homegirls after falling outs. You are all learning yourselves, each other and are trying hard to navigate life. Things will get messy, and muddy but that’s okay because it is all a part of the process. Your connection with your sister friends will outlast every single crush, love of your life, boyfriend, lover, and a one-night stand.

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