Forgiveness Is Freedom

They say religion is brainwashing and to an extent, I agree but I think religion has different effects on people and in this instance, I think he added more good than evil in the world right now. He did what he thought was best and how can I ever in life be mad at him for that? Is he too soft on his brother’s killer? I don’t think so. What would I have him do instead? Carry around his anger? Allow himself to be weighed down by the pain and harm others? To put his hurt into the world and perpetuate a cycle of grief? For what? To save face and to appease the masses? Please get the fuck out of here with that.

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Is My Blackness Terrifying?

Stand in the space of love for ALLLLLLL people. Stand in the space of humanity for all people. The relevance of #MeToo is because far too many men abused their power without consequences. Welp, NEWSFLASH #BLACKLIVESMATTER is a result of far too many white people abusing their power without consequences. If you can’t see this basic understanding in that, THEN CHECK YOUR RACISM and ingrained bias. Period.

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