Create Conditions Together

We are all spiritual beings looking to love and be loved, to listen and to be heard, honored, respected, and treated with compassion. Hold out for the one who is willing to read ALL the pages of your story. It is easy to be loved when you are cherry and positive, but far more challenging when our triggers arise, and our conditions aren’t being met. The right person will create with you, work through with you, and make the space to reach an understanding that works for both parties. The right person will hold the space to create conditions for both of you to come as you and work on elevating to your best self

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The Power Of Affirmations and Acknowledgements

I encourage you to offer an affirmation and acknowledgement to three people today. Take the time to be present, observe and offer your kind words to a stranger, a loved one and yourself. Take the time today to seek out positivity, silver linings and bright smiles. Go out of your way to make someone’s life better today, and watch how your mood improves. World peace is a lofty goal and who knows if we could ever achieve that. However, peace in your heart, your immediate environment and in your community can begin with you. It is you offering your words to someone who could really use it.

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Temporary Moments of Insanity

I experience this when I had an expectation based on what I thought was a routine and the moment that routine is interrupted and there’s no plan put in place to rectify the fall out, I kinda lose my shit. I need structure and I need commitments and I need order in my life. I cannot control what others do but I make requests and hope for the best. Eeeeeek!!!!!!!!! I hate trusting and putting my experiences in the hands of others. Why should I be okay with that?

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Leave The Table

No relationship will survive where one person is insecure. It won’t work on any level and there will be an absolute breakdown of anything workable. It’s hard to work through emotions and in a relationship it can be isolating and even more damaging. I think the only way to beat insecurities is to force yourself to think positively. Engage in conversations that promote positivity, live in the moment where you can find a silver lining and if you can’t then try harder. At some point insecurities can be overcome with practice and proper self care.

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