Forgiveness Is Freedom

They say religion is brainwashing and to an extent, I agree but I think religion has different effects on people and in this instance, I think he added more good than evil in the world right now. He did what he thought was best and how can I ever in life be mad at him for that? Is he too soft on his brother’s killer? I don’t think so. What would I have him do instead? Carry around his anger? Allow himself to be weighed down by the pain and harm others? To put his hurt into the world and perpetuate a cycle of grief? For what? To save face and to appease the masses? Please get the fuck out of here with that.

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The Right To Own A Gun

White people, please pay attention to your aggressive ass sons, and their behavior in school, at home and their online presence. The same way ya’ll expect black parents to monitor black boys is the same way I need ya’ll to keep an eye on your boys. I need people to pay attention and scrutinize young white men the same way they do with young black and brown men. The same energy white people have to call the police on suspicious behavior regarding men of color is the same energy I need them to have with white boys who look suspect. Come on now, save lives and pay attention to the boys ya’ll raise and who you do not think is a threat BUT CLEARLY IS given the profile of this homegrown terrorism.

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The Messenger Is As Important As The Message (In Memory of Nipsey Hussle)

Nipsey Hussle IS the American come up story. He IS the wildest dreams of his ancestors and his predecessors. He is what young black kids dream of being. He was an example of a black boy who had the odds stacked against him, and was swimming against the current, and still making it to shore. He was who Malcolm paved the way for and he would have been proud of him. I appreciate Nipsey because he was imperfect, he wasn’t born into having multiple options for success. He was a child of the street like Malcolm was and he knew that life wasn’t going to lead to his dreams being fulfilled. He was selling his mixtapes for $100, man that’s audacious and that’s him knowing his worth.

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Support The Babies

Your judgement and your stupid fucking opinions about millennials, and Generation Z is absolutely irrelevant and out of place. These kids this and these kids that and all the other bullshit that y’all ageist motherfuckers have to say about these kids are annoying. And you know what? Given the way that the world is going, these same kids are going to be y’all bosses, your retirement planners and more than likely they will be the overlords of this country in YOUR lifetime. So buckle the fuck up Bill and Susan…your shit is about to get real interesting, so you better support them because you cannot beat them.

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School Shootings

4/20/99 always rattles me and how more than ever there are so many dates to know that I’ve just chosen to know none. There have been far too many school shootings and mass shootings period. The one in Charleston, SC rocked me hard. Someone decided to go into a church, sit through bible study AND then murder NINE people in cold blood, then casually walk out like it was nothing. There is something unsanctimonious and inherently evil for someone to engage in behavior that lacks the basic care for human life.

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