Don’t Text Your Ex

I used to believe that we had to keep people in our lives who taught us how to love. But I think that everything has an expiration date. I believe that we attach meanings to people and experiences and we want to hold on for far longer than is necessary. I think we make this person a part of our narrative vs letting them play out the part they had for that time being. I think we have to allow people to leave our lives and let them go completely. I’m not sure holding doors open serve our greater good and add value the way we would like to. I think that although we meet people who show us deep, fantastic and miraculous love, it doesn’t mean that love is meant to be forever.

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What I Allow Will Continue

am the Queen, and this is my Queendom and there will no one allowed in if they do not wish me well, mean well or can add to my personal value. We allow reciprocity, kindness and connection that is to be built from both parties. There will be no one sided, conversations, no exertion of energy I do not have and there will be no compromise of my happiness under any circumstances. All that other shit is white noise and I am not with it. I am going to shine my light and either you are going to shine with me or you won’t. You will either rise to the challenge or you won’t. My task to be motherfucking great, and teach my kid to do the same.

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