Someone’s Partner Is Not Your Soulmate

There is power in connecting with your partner when you tell the truth about what is happening in your head and heart. However, don’t fuck up your relationship based on your feelings for someone else. If you are looking to leave, do it based on the fact that it is no longer workable and it serves no one to stay. If someone leaves their relationship for YOU I am not convinced that’s a worthy burden to carry. If you think someone else’s partner is your soul mate, then you’re all fucked up in the game homey, because that is NOT the answer. Do better.

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A Letter To Anyone Haunted By The Trauma Of Not Being Believed…

You as an adult never realize when you’ll have a moment of flashback until you’re drowning in tears and unable to catch your breath because you’re being suffocated by the silence and rage you’ve had to swallow for years because NO ONE took the time to make you feel protected, wanted and like they would bring justice to your cries for help. This is for those of us who have sat in silence because there have been no examples where we have ever felt like our bodies mattered enough for anyone to care. This letter is for all of us who are so scarred by our trauma of not being believed or being brushed off entirely. It’s not your fault.

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We’ve All Been Jordyn Woods

A woman cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept. Jordyn is a variable in the history of people who cheat on their partners. The other woman is hardly where the focus should be. The spotlight has to be shone upon the one who promised to be committed. While in a relationship there’s an agreement of some kind, and primarily the focus is on honor and respect. However, when someone blatantly chooses to disregard another person by engaging sexually/physically/emotionally with someone else, they are the issue.

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When Your Love Is Not Enough

Choosing yourself means recognizing the affection you are serving is be wasted on someone who doesn’t appreciate you. It means taking that energy and using it to fuel your aching heart. The pain that you’re feeling will pass IF you stare it down and admit that it’s real. Only you can come to own the truth of your personal destruction. You know in your heart that this is NOT the love you deserve. You have to decide when you’ve had enough because a taker will take for as long as you allow that to happen.

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Right Person, Right Time

The outcome of letting go of the wrong person, is making room for the right one, at the right time. Sometimes the right person, is you needing to choose yourself. A broken relationship should cause you to self reflect, self audit and work on being the best version of yourself. A part of recognizing our growth, is seeing where we let go of the things that do not serve our best selves. It is also about leveling up from your last relationship and learning what works for next time. Every single person is here to teach us a valuable lesson, and it is up to us to learn and apply it to our lives. The timing for that relationship was actually right on time, and it was with the right person. The right time doesn’t have to mean forever and I believe that’s where we break our own hearts.

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Don’t Text Your Ex

I used to believe that we had to keep people in our lives who taught us how to love. But I think that everything has an expiration date. I believe that we attach meanings to people and experiences and we want to hold on for far longer than is necessary. I think we make this person a part of our narrative vs letting them play out the part they had for that time being. I think we have to allow people to leave our lives and let them go completely. I’m not sure holding doors open serve our greater good and add value the way we would like to. I think that although we meet people who show us deep, fantastic and miraculous love, it doesn’t mean that love is meant to be forever.

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Leave A Person Who Won’t Commit

This person will break your heart and you’ll be confused as fuck for a really long time if you don’t stick up for yourself. There’s no getting around someone’s inner desires and no matter how phenomenal of a person you are, you can’t and won’t ever be able to compete with someone’s truth. I believe we can meet people who transform our lives and show us what’s possible for love and relationships but the reality is that person isn’t the one. The person who loves you, values you and sees your worth will either commit or set you free. If you value yourself, you’ll go with the option of setting yourself free.

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