Sweet Hell Alabama

I am an advocate for the living who are here right now, and who deserve to live a life of wellness, choosing what’s best for their physical, mental, and emotional health. Let us not pretend that these 25 mother fuckers gave a shit about the bodies of women, and really just get a rise out of policing women’s bodies. It is deplorable to think that an 11-year-old baby has to carry the baby of a 26-year-old. If that doesn’t break your heart, and make you sick to your stomach then you are a fucked up human being. Period.

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Forget Cinderella, Give Me Storm

These young girls are fire storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes rolled into one. They do not need saving, but they need fairness, gentleness, non judgement and your consideration. We love coming of age stories about boys who are wild, and love fighting, but get taken in by a wise mentor so they learn how to manage their rage and urges. But where are the stories about wild, full of rage girls who get mentors to help them tame their rage? Where are their stories of triumph and rising to running shit with the support of another bad ass woman? I am ready for these narratives. Ava DuVernay…we gotta talk, sis.

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Diamonds and Dick

Good dick giving is a very specifically skilled art form and not everyone can do it well. Maybe my Diamond Giver is different than my Dick Giver, and that is just going to have to be okay with everyone. We can work out our desires and our needs through communication BUT it’s critical to resolve that within myself before I go fucking up anyone’s life and mine. Life will hand you dick and life can hand you diamonds, I plan on having both.

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Nice For What?

We raise girls to be polite, to smile, to fall back and to be lady like for appeasement and acceptance from whom? We teach girls that their edges must be laid, and they should speak softly and learn how clean and cook well, often it is not with the intention of being self sufficient but rather to be marriage material for a man. Get the fucccccccccck outta here will all that noise. Raising children in my opinion should be teaching them about chasing their dreams, while putting in the work to make sure the dreams materialize. I believe we teach them practical skills so they can eat, live in a clean environment, make, and keep money and a combination of street smarts and common sense. The goal is to make them the best for themselves, proud of themselves, loving to themselves BUT never to be molded for someone’s vision of who we think they should be.

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