Don’t Text Your Ex

I used to believe that we had to keep people in our lives who taught us how to love. But I think that everything has an expiration date. I believe that we attach meanings to people and experiences and we want to hold on for far longer than is necessary. I think we make this person a part of our narrative vs letting them play out the part they had for that time being. I think we have to allow people to leave our lives and let them go completely. I’m not sure holding doors open serve our greater good and add value the way we would like to. I think that although we meet people who show us deep, fantastic and miraculous love, it doesn’t mean that love is meant to be forever.

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Rejection Is Necessary

Whether I’m published again or never again matters but it doesn’t really matter. It’s like being rejected by a guy, it matters but it doesn’t really matter. It matters and is a big deal in that moment but the moment I decide to change my mind, that situation loses its effect. I believe every rejection has a lesson and a blessing attached to it.

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My Journey To Elevation

I couldn’t grow if I wasn’t able to look back and see where I’ve blundered and sold out on myself. The need for acceptance from others really impacted my ways of being and my view of myself. I’m learning how it’s very critical to create boundaries for myself so I can learn what I need to elevate and be accountable to my goals and my aspirations. Carving out time everyday to write, practice mindfulness and make time for me has helped me get clear on what I’m looking to achieve. Being in the practice of self care also helps me to teach others how to treat me and be with me.

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What The Fuck Is A MILF?

Approach sex with this woman like it is the most important thing you are doing that day. Honor her body, honor your body, act like you know that you are worth something more than just sex. Embrace the fact that sex is an act of godliness, and when you are going to be inside of this woman, you should feel honored and you have to respect yourself so you can respect her. This act is not a race, it is not about dominance, but it is about an exchange of energy blessed by respect, trust, passion, and desire.

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A Love Letter To My Younger Self

Women will forever and always be the most important group of advisors you will ever have. Listen to the advice that older women give you. Pay attention and take note of their stories, their experiences and anything they want to share. Their wisdom is invaluable and will save you a lot of heart and headaches. Forgive and apologize to your homegirls after falling outs. You are all learning yourselves, each other and are trying hard to navigate life. Things will get messy, and muddy but that’s okay because it is all a part of the process. Your connection with your sister friends will outlast every single crush, love of your life, boyfriend, lover, and a one-night stand.

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The Pain Will Not Kill Me

I think at times I have given myself way more credit about my goodness, than paying attention to the ways in which I should improve myself. It is easy to acknowledge an asshole when they are so blatantly awful BUT it is less easy to face the ways in which I allowed the behavior to continue. Or, even deeper, it is even harder to admit to self sabotage, selling out on hard work for instant pleasure, and doing shit I have no business doing. I will say that I needed to learn these lessons in prolonged self prescribed suffering, victim mentality and stress because I had to wear myself out. I had to allow the room to let myself marinate in grief and my own toxicity and BULLSHIT because that was my lesson I had to overcome.

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You Are The Magic

My thoughts are the source of my magic AND my downfall. I am simultaneously my best friend and my own worst enemy. I have to remember to make the agreements that serve my highest self, and don’t just do the easy thing, which requires no effort and as a result, no results. Bummer. At some point miracles and magic will happen BUT it happens when the work is done. If I’m doing work is it actually miracles and magic or is it just cause and effect?

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