The Lull

I’m not looking for anyone to fit into any imaginary boxes. I’ll take you as you are as long as you’re real about who you are. I’m straight about me. I’m simply complicated as fuck. I’m difficult and easy at the same time. We don’t need an agenda or a magic compass to guide our interaction. Nah son. Just be yourself and we will be good. Cuz I’m gonna be me regardless and all this sass and sarcasm isn’t for everyone and honestly, I don’t give a fuck. Take me as I am or have nothing at all. I’m nice but not at the expense of my sanity, integrity or peace of mind. I’ll be damned if comprise myself for some shit that may not last anyway.

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Summer Love 💗

I was awake but I was daydreaming about my skin on his skin, wondering if he was going to hold my hand, walk on the boardwalk and count the stars. I was living an idealistic life but I mean, isn’t that what being 15 means? I would wait all year for the summer to come just so I could look at this boy behind the counter, his white tee revealed his built chest, and his white pants showed his super strong trunk and thighs. The thing that kept me coming back, and I mean coming back to his uncle’s pizza shop was the look he would give me when he saw me. I had no idea where he lived and he didn’t know where I lived but in the summer, we lived in each other’s minds. His name was living in a space in my heart and in my brain, and my smile was because of him every time.

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Some Days Just Suck

I take breaks from social media on occasion because the images and the stories are too much for me sometimes. I think it’s important to take time to decompress and to filter out the negative vibes. A break from the phone and more time in nature, loving the woods, getting energy from the rivers and just feel the energy of my ancestors flow through me.
There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not broken

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Fuck The Police?

Community policing is a two way street. What exactly do you think can be accomplished if there is straight up animosity when you see any cop? How can this human being who probably has their own shit to deal with, actively deal with animosity directed at them for the sins that some other cop, in some other town did? How do you expect every cop to atone for the sins of the ones who did wrong? You cannot. The same way it is fucking wrong to ever in life assume every person of color is a perp. Stop that. It goes both ways my people. Individual to individual compassion, empathy and overstanding can evoke real change. Being so angry that you forget that a person in front of you is a living, breathing human being just like you, is awful.

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The Babies

What’s the answer here? What can I do to evoke change and bring about a love in this life that will support instead of harm? It’s unacceptable the levels of compassion and empathy are just low. The caring that we as adults and as humans need to display is paramount to how we survive as a species. There are many elements that go into violence in our communities, and among them are poverty and apathy. If you don’t care if you live or die BECAUSE you really don’t see a future, then of course, what stops you from stabbing a kid with a machete???

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Support The Babies

Your judgement and your stupid fucking opinions about millennials, and Generation Z is absolutely irrelevant and out of place. These kids this and these kids that and all the other bullshit that y’all ageist motherfuckers have to say about these kids are annoying. And you know what? Given the way that the world is going, these same kids are going to be y’all bosses, your retirement planners and more than likely they will be the overlords of this country in YOUR lifetime. So buckle the fuck up Bill and Susan…your shit is about to get real interesting, so you better support them because you cannot beat them.

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Come To Daddy

Check it, when you’re texting, anyone can say anything, especially with some liquid courage but in person, without any influence, and on an ordinary day, in a non sexual situation, calling someone daddy could potentially be weird as fuck. However, he and I already engaged in this role play and he even told me what to wear, what lipstick and what underwear or lack there of….ha ha. Omg. I can’t with myself. Anyway, I digress, so I’m late because fucking MTA likes to absolutely ruin my life, so I text him to say this and he’s like no problem, I’ll just have to add some spankings to the agenda. Oh. My. God. The old me would have been mortified but current me was like AHHHHHHHHHH SHIT…..yasssssss…do that shit.

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