I’d be a fool if I kept looking backwards, and not learning from my mistakes. I would be utterly misguided if I were to worry and stress about what has yet to happen while ignoring all of the joy of this present moment. It matters to me that I can sit here and spread love and light and channel forgiveness because the need for peace is paramount to me in this very moment. The thought that I have access to the joy and the peace in this very moment is a reassuring and comforting thing to me because the bliss of this moment is something I haven’t felt in a long time.



The idea of going back to diapers, diaper bags, puke, potty training, drool and all that other new baby woes is the shit that nightmares are made of and I want no parts of it. I had a very traumatizing 0-12 months. I had crazy postpartum and the days and nights and weeks and months of lack of sleep made me a crazy person. And by crazy I mean I was literally losing mind. I would make bottles for the entire week, not remembering that the shelf life was like 12 hours max. I would be doing things on auto pilot and would not remember doing them. The nights when she would cry for the sake of crying I would literally be walking in circles and zone out while walking.



I want to know about the kinks of people who seem reserved but in reality they are masters of surprise. I feel like that makes things more interesting and a lot more disarming. I believe as a whole, the world needs a giant release. I think people would be more free if they knew they wouldn’t be judged or criticized for liking what they like. Things that people do in their shadows are done there for a reason and I think we should leave them there BUT I think inviting people into our worlds could prove to be an exhilarating and amazing experience.

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Dating Is…

I want men who are busy as hell AND they make time and they spend energy thinking about ways to woo me. That’s what I’m into. Because I’m always going to bring my best to the table. I’m always gonna look fly, smell good, speak on a variety of topics and add to your value. That’s just who I am. I’m not gonna settle for anyone who doesn’t recognize or isn’t ready to rise to the occasion. Dating is fun but it should also be a learning experience that leaves both parties better and well fed in mind, body and spirit.

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There is something about a kiss from someone who you know your soul recognizes that takes you to higher heights. We can’t control what happens outside of these moments of sheer bliss. Life happens. But in that moment when his eyes find my eyes and he can peer into my soul, see where I’ve been and I do the same and we decide to make serious magic in the bed, the earth fucking moves. It moves in our bodies and we are making good on our agreement to find each other.

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I Appreciate Married Men

Imagine dodging all kinds of pussy and batting eyelashes daily and coming home to the only one you want AND being so happy with that! That is an amazingly sexy thing in my opinion. I think married men who are in their marriages 100% are good men to be around because they really aren’t going to jeopardize their lives for bullshit. I can dig that. I can be cool with someone like that because they are not pressed, they are not trying to fuck me, and there is no ulterior motive. We are literally just focused on the task at hand and in their souls they are focused on their wives….only.

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I’m In Love With Jesse Williams

I wanted to take a break from writing about all the heavy stuff in my life. I really just wanted to get in here and write about what’s on my mind and what I’ve been dreaming about. I am not really in love with Jesse Williams but I am totally in love with the idea of him. In so many ways he’s my ideal man and I’d love to meet him also we can chat and I can pick his brain and allow him to pick mine. Jesse Williams and I would legit be good friends because we are of similar age and we are both activists.

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