I Went Through His Phone

There was no fingerprint code and I don’t think there was a passcode, so what I am basically saying is that he obviously wanted me to go through his shit because it was open for the taking. I just so happen to wait until he was in the shower to go through his shit. I was pacing back and forth like an anxious tiger waiting to pounce on her prey. I was sweaty and jittery like a father waiting to learn his fate onh Maury. There was also a part of me that was prepared to SET IT THE FUCK OFF because I know this asshole was not going to be in MYYYYYYYY house and talking to someone else, I just knew he was not that dumb.

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Say Hello

I challenge you to say hello to someone who you feel pulled towards. I challenge you to take your light and allow it to shine brightly today and connect with those whose light matches yours. I challenge you to connect with 5 strangers today and see where hello can take you.Connect in ways that leave you both better, set an intention before you go out about what you’d like to achieve for the day and go forth and mingle. Everyone can stand to gain some joy, happiness, openness and connection in their day. We can all gain value from planting seeds of positive connection and letting gratitude guide our days. Who we are today can open doors for the future that we want.

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Notes on Polyamory

Polyamory has become a dirty word because of what has happened in Utah and other places where men used that shit to be sexist, authoritative, nasty, perverted and fucked up. That however is NOT the way I identify with it.

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The Swirl

I want to explore the topic of interracial dating. I think that I’m ready to explore the swirl and all of the interesting things that comes with it. Y’all met Stallion a few blog posts back and he was a good kick off to this swirl world. The attractive thing about him is that his […]

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