Love Me, Not Just The Idea Of Me

Loving me means getting to know ALL of me and ACCEPTING ALL of me. That is what love is. It’s loving me when I’m stubborn, unsure, scared, ornery and being challenging. I am not just my light. No one is. I have to remember this when I’m choosing a partner. Like all people, sometimes I’m blinded by what I want to see, and I don’t always want to see the rest. But that isn’t fair to anyone. To love someone is to love them fully, without restrictions or constraints.

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His Love Transformed Me

We have parted ways for no reason other than it was time. It had nothing to do with compatibility and everything to do with honoring our individual paths. When you love someone deliberately and fully you are able to see them as an individual separate from you. When you really listen, you hear their needs, and sometimes you are able to help them more than they can help themselves. We loved each other so much so that we were able to leave all of our time together on the table in order to fulfill our individual missions.

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Non Judgment In Friendships

Sometimes questionable choices are worthy of a side eye and a side line. Truly, I have made some choices that were impulsive and totally not thought out….I see that after and it’s totally pointless for anyone to talk to me about it. Once I’ve acknowledged the error, and I’ve reconciled it with myself, the opinion is not needed. I think in general it’s always a good idea to ask if someone wants to hear what you have to say. I believe offering opinions are valuable when we see our friends in obvious pain and even a vicious cycle. How many times can there be a conversation about the same dude or girl before a side eye and a side line is warranted?

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Forget Cinderella, Give Me Storm

These young girls are fire storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes rolled into one. They do not need saving, but they need fairness, gentleness, non judgement and your consideration. We love coming of age stories about boys who are wild, and love fighting, but get taken in by a wise mentor so they learn how to manage their rage and urges. But where are the stories about wild, full of rage girls who get mentors to help them tame their rage? Where are their stories of triumph and rising to running shit with the support of another bad ass woman? I am ready for these narratives. Ava DuVernay…we gotta talk, sis.

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Self Love Trumps Everything

It is emotional suicide to stay with someone simply out of obligation. Love is not enough to keep a situation in tact, if your internal system is shutting down. I believe that we find it easier to focus on outward issues as reasons for a departure, rather than first paying attention to our internal dialogue. It will be painful to acknowledge something that could cause someone we love a devastating heartbreak, but it would be worse to say nothing at all. Acknowledging endings, growth and moving forward may seem debilitating, but there is power and freedom in speaking your truth. It will free you, and you may feel like a villain for a while but that will pass.

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Right Person, Right Time

The outcome of letting go of the wrong person, is making room for the right one, at the right time. Sometimes the right person, is you needing to choose yourself. A broken relationship should cause you to self reflect, self audit and work on being the best version of yourself. A part of recognizing our growth, is seeing where we let go of the things that do not serve our best selves. It is also about leveling up from your last relationship and learning what works for next time. Every single person is here to teach us a valuable lesson, and it is up to us to learn and apply it to our lives. The timing for that relationship was actually right on time, and it was with the right person. The right time doesn’t have to mean forever and I believe that’s where we break our own hearts.

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Think About Baseball…

Navigate her body as though it is unchartered territory. Learn her body, and touch every curve, crease, roll, and inch of her skin. Touch her with your fingers, your mouth, your tongue, some ice, a feather and everything could entice and turn her on. Take care of her nipples, her ears, her throat and her clit. Her clit is critical, and it’s the access to getting her wetter and more turned on. Talk to her, tell her how good she smells and tastes. Love her body and cherish her body as if it’s your duty….you’ll never regret honoring her. Before you can even penetrate her with your penis, you MUST eat her like it’s your last supper. Make her pussy your prize…you’ll never regret that.

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