Support The Babies

Your judgement and your stupid fucking opinions about millennials, and Generation Z is absolutely irrelevant and out of place. These kids this and these kids that and all the other bullshit that y’all ageist motherfuckers have to say about these kids are annoying. And you know what? Given the way that the world is going, these same kids are going to be y’all bosses, your retirement planners and more than likely they will be the overlords of this country in YOUR lifetime. So buckle the fuck up Bill and Susan…your shit is about to get real interesting, so you better support them because you cannot beat them.

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Come To Daddy

Check it, when you’re texting, anyone can say anything, especially with some liquid courage but in person, without any influence, and on an ordinary day, in a non sexual situation, calling someone daddy could potentially be weird as fuck. However, he and I already engaged in this role play and he even told me what to wear, what lipstick and what underwear or lack there of….ha ha. Omg. I can’t with myself. Anyway, I digress, so I’m late because fucking MTA likes to absolutely ruin my life, so I text him to say this and he’s like no problem, I’ll just have to add some spankings to the agenda. Oh. My. God. The old me would have been mortified but current me was like AHHHHHHHHHH SHIT…..yasssssss…do that shit.

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Thanks For Hurting My Feelings

Man, I’m so damn glad that these ain’t shit dudes hurt my feelings and made me cry. My tears, my sadness and my hurt feelings made me stronger and made me acutely aware of what really and truly I should never accept and what boundaries I need to set up so I can walk away with my heart and dignity in tact. It’s absolutely a part of life to deal with hurt feelings and discover who is worth your time and who isn’t. It is a shame that I have to learn this way BUT trial by fire is something that I’ve always needed for my life, and well that’s just what it has to be, for me to learn.

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My Pussy Can’t Be Colonized

He didn’t understand why I had to have more dates if our date was great and we were going to continue to see each other. And my answer is because I like more than one of y’all at the same time AND I like you, and him and him and I want to date all of you. The fuck is the problem, sir? Polyamory is a thing people. Get on the train, it is fun and if you’re being safe, then it’s all good. I’m going to be honest about my dating life and if you don’t like it, let us part ways. But my body, lips, vagina is not open for colonization and conquering. You cannot plant your flag or pee on me and then think you’re marking me with your scent. Darling, you’re in a rotation of men I like, deal with it, or don’t. Feel me?

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The Ease of Going With The Flow

I just find that these days it’s a lot easier to allow the flow of the interaction to happen organically and let it go the way it’s meant to. I am feeling the same approach with work and money. The money and the work always comes. The intention is always set and the universe provides. I feel as though what’s meant for you will find you and you still have to put in some work to keeping it, but for the most part, an honest and heartfelt go at your day will yield positive results. And on the days that the lesson isn’t so positive, figure out how to make the next day better. I’m learning.

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Father’s Day is Underrated

Good fathers are not celebrated enough and it’s a shame. Salute to the funny dads, the silly dads, the Mr. Mom dads, the strict dads, the dads who always cry, the ones who can’t say no to their kids, the ones who work hard and still come home and make it to every recital and game, the incarcerated dads, the dads who try hard but still fail, the dads who have had to bury kids, the dads who didn’t have dads but are being great dads, the dads who come from generations of good dads, and all the dads who just do what dads do. I hope today and all days you feel loved, honored and appreciated. Happy Father’s Day.

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