Honoring My Creative Fire 🔥

Writing assuages my insomnia when sleeping pills fail. Sitting down to write allows the tears and words to flow when I’m processing heartbreak. Dancing with my words elevate me when I am at the zenith of new love. My words bleeding on paper is what has stopped me from making my wrists bleed out in a bathtub. Writing has been my closest confidante, an unapologetic truth teller, and the one thing I could trust above any other coping mechanism. Realizing this is something that sustains me, and encourages me to thrive, this why I will not allow anything or anyone stop me from walking towards my true north.

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Quit The Job You Hate

Take the steps to leave the bullshit job you absolutely hate. I promise the universe will align with your true passions and you will not regret leaving. Money may be tight for a while, you’ll have to make some sacrifices, your current inner circle probably will not understand and you’ll lose dead weight literally and figuratively. You’ll look forward to every single working day because they will be filled with adventure, possibilities and a schedule YOU created. Your meetings will be rewarding, you’ll feel like change was actually made and busy days will become productive days and you’ll sleep well but not long because the excitement will take over your life.

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Loneliness Is A Terrible Reason To Date

You cannot give nor receive love if you are unable to sit with the lowest, nastiest, and most undesirable parts of yourself. Facing our insecurities head-on will make it impossible to hide. The only access to healing, and curing the hatefulness of being lonely, is to work through it by yourself. Cry, breakdown, fall down and see the discomfort all the way through. Become intimate with those demons that have come out in inconvenient times, and harmed people who were casualties in your war with yourself. You must be vigilant about staying on course even when you find someone you believe is enticing.

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The Power Of Keeping It Real

Submissions, rejections and finding a happy medium. Writing is a blissful thing, people reading my writing. Is a blissful thing but rejections still hurt. Big hurt, or small hurt, it’s all the same feeling of inadequacy. Whether it’s true or not, hurt feelings are super real and the more I submit is the more I open myself to being rejected. It’s a part of the game. Any writer knows this. The high of an acceptance is matched with the low of a rejection. It’s a part of the process.

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There Is No Safe Space For Sexual Assault Survivors

We must be allies, and advocates for ALL victims of sexual violence. There seems to be picking and choosing who is credible depending on who the abuser is. There’s an unwillingness to believe survivors because our affinity and loyalty for our memories somehow outweigh another human’s traumatic story. The shaming of survivors has been able to thrive for this length of time because fear has hindered their desire to speak up. However, now we have hundreds of survivors who are finding their voice because a handful has chosen to speak up.

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Practice Apologizing To Your Children

Apologizing to your children will enforce their self-worth and allow them the space to talk through their feelings. Until children learn to have an inner narrative, we as their guardians are the voice they hear the most. We are the ones who encourage them to thrive or discourage them from finding their voice. We have to allow them to talk through what they are feeling, listen to them intently, and apologize when they make it clear we have caused them pain.

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We’ve All Been Jordyn Woods

A woman cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept. Jordyn is a variable in the history of people who cheat on their partners. The other woman is hardly where the focus should be. The spotlight has to be shone upon the one who promised to be committed. While in a relationship there’s an agreement of some kind, and primarily the focus is on honor and respect. However, when someone blatantly chooses to disregard another person by engaging sexually/physically/emotionally with someone else, they are the issue.

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Fat Is Not A Synonym For Ugly

Ugliness starts on the inside. It is the belief that parts of you are so unlovable, unworthy and undesirable, you display those things outwardly. You seek out ways to harm others with words and deeds you usually reserve for yourself when no one is looking. The harshest words and unkindness you tell others, are nothing compared to what you say to yourself. I understand. To be ugly is to reject the parts of you that make you a relatable human being. Fatness is not ugliness. A willingness to shame someone for being who they are is the ugliest and most present sign of self-loathing.

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